Tiling Apprenticeship Schemes

tiling apprenticeships

Becoming a tiler either self employed or working for a team is a fantastic opportunity that boasts good income, job satisfaction, and you’ll gain skills that are required all over the world and of course here in the UK. We desperately need tillers, so if you’re thinking of becoming a tiler read on for information on how to become one via an apprenticeship scheme.

You’ll love tiling if you like carrying out practical tasks and are good at planning and organising. One of the best things about working in the construction industry is that once you qualify you’re guaranteed a job for life as your trade will always be in demand. Peace of mind comes with knowing that your skill is highly regarded and indeed needed.

Apprenticeship schemes are usually best suit for those who are in between the ages of 16 and 24 or for those who have just left school.

Apprentice’s are trained up by an expert at their trade which in this case would be a fully qualified tiler and it’s their job to get you trained up to the highest of standards so that once your training is over you will meet with the current industry qualifications. They are there to help and support you through your training and guide you all the way to the point where you’ll gain your certificate in tiling.

Can you imagine how much knowledge and skills your boss would have picked up along their own tiling career, this is why becoming an apprentice is such a fantastic way of entering into the tiling industry. Your boss will be passing down all the knowledge and skills they have gained to you and that’s why you must make sure to grab this chance with both hands it’s an opportunity that doesn’t happen for many.

There are just so many bonuses that come with being an apprentice and a big bonus is the fact that you’ll be meeting and greeting lots of tradesmen, construction workers and also suppliers. These people could potentially in the future help you with your career when you start up as a tiler with your own business (if you go self employed)

Not everyone who is training to become a tiler either by a college course or via training centres get this chance to meet with all these people, so you have a head start over them straight away. That’s another reason why apprenticeships are so popular you really do get the chance to get to grips with your trade from the very beginning of your training.

Apprenticeships are divided in two that being theory and practical. Practical of course takes place when you’re out and about working with your boss and then the theory side of training takes place in the classroom at your local college or training centre.

Apprenticeship schemes will normally take between 2 and 4 years to finish.

Don’t forget you’ll be earning a wage too!

As a tiler’s apprentice you’re fully entitled to at least the minimum wage which is currently standing at £2.73 an hour. This is what you’re entitled to if you’re between the ages of 16 and 18. You’ll also receive this amount if you’re aged 19 and over and are in your first year of training. What you’ll receive over these figures will be determined by who you are working for and what extras they are prepared to offer you.

Apprentices are paid for the hours they work so this will be at least 30 hours a week and also for any training that’s part of your apprenticeship, this training is the theory side of your training and takes place in the classroom at your local college or training centre.

You’re entitled to holidays too!

As a tiler’s apprentice you’re also fully entitled to holidays. You’ll receive at least 20 paid holiday days per year and also bank holidays too.

Sounds good, but how do you get on an apprenticeship scheme?

Well for starters you don’t need to have any formal qualifications to start your apprenticeship but you must have the determination to really want to try your hardest. Remember what I said earlier becoming an apprentice is an opportunity not offered to many so you must really want to work hard at it to achieve your end goal of becoming a tiler.

Sadly there are age limits, apprenticeships are usually targeted at those aged 16 to 24 and anyone over these ages will find themselves struggling to get accepted unfortunately. The thing is there are just a limited number of spaces allocated to apprenticeships each year and knowing what a good opportunity it is competition is huge, everyone wanting to enter into the construction industry that are just of school usually goes for apprenticeships.

Another must have to become an apprentice is normal colour vision.

I know this all sounds disheartening if you’re over these ages, but please don’t worry too much it may be a struggle but that doesn’t mean it cannot happen. You could try ringing up a few local tillers and see if they’re planning on taking on apprentices you never know you may be surprised, failing that they may tell you about another tiler who they know is taking on, so it’s always worth a go, you never know your luck.

I’ve tried everything but I just cannot get on an apprenticeship scheme?

I can imagine how disappointing it is not to be able to get on an apprenticeship scheme but please don’t get too disheartened as there are many other routes into the tiling industry. Like I mentioned competition is highly fierce and there are just a few available spaces each year given to apprenticeships. You could take a tiling course at your local college or try a training centre course, these are very good and are extremely hands on and if you take the full time option you could be a fully qualified tiler in just 8 weeks. You’ll be trained up by experts at their trade who are there to guide you throughout your course. There is also the option of home study courses and short intensive courses. It really all depends on your circumstances and how much time you can allocate to training.

If you need further info about apprenticeships!

For much more information about apprenticeships and also how to apply for one the government has a free “national apprenticeship helpline” where you will be provided with much more info and helpful hints and tips. Call 08000150600 and they will be more than happy to advise you on all your questions regarding apprenticeship schemes.

Also available is a website committed to providing info on apprenticeships and you can also receive an information pack. Visit www.apprenticeships.org.uk

So that’s all from me regarding tiling apprenticeship schemes I honestly hope you’ve gained more info about apprenticeships and whether it’s the best option for you. If you do get lucky and are accepted think yourself extremely lucky and make the most of this opportunity and I hope one day you’ll achieve your goal at becoming a qualified tiler. Good luck!