Carpentry Courses

carpentry courses

As you are probably already aware becoming a carpenter is a fantastic career choice with very good prospects. There are many ways to become a carpenter here in the UK, one way being  getting on an apprenticeship scheme where you’ll be trained up by an expert at their trade, another way is via your local college or training centre. Carpenters are in very high demand and it’s a skill that’s needed not just here in the UK  but in other countries for example Australia, New Zealand and Canada, perfect if you ever fancy a change from the UK, and to see a bit more of the world, they really are crying out for skilled people like carpenters.

So here I’m going to let you know a little more about carpentry courses and hopefully by the end you’ll have a better idea as to which route will suit your needs best.

I’ve heard of training centres, how do they work?

Ok so training centres have been specifically built and designed for training to take place for the construction industry.  Training centres can be found all over the country so hopefully you’ll find one not far from where you are or if not it shouldn’t be too far away, if however you find that your nearest is quite a distance from where you are maybe your best option would be to base yourself close to the training centre for example you could consider stopping at a b & b for the time it takes to complete your training. Not only will this save you the time travelling to and fro it will also cut down on your travelling expenses too. You’ll have so much more time to put into your studies instead of being on the road constantly.

You don’t require any formal qualifications to become a carpenter and you can begin your course any time you like.

The theory lessons and the practical side of training takes place at the training centre so there is nowhere else to go it’s all carried out at one location. You’ll be trained up by experts at their trade who will get you up to the highest of standards so that by the end of your training you’ll meet with the required standards to become a carpenter. One point to note is that you should make sure that your training centre is City & Guilds accredited as it’s with their standards you’re supposed to meet with.

On completion of your training you’ll receive your carpentry qualification certificate which will prove that you are fully qualified as a carpenter and have carried out all the training that’s required and that you are fully competent to complete a job efficiently and safely.

There are part time and full time courses available depending on your own personal circumstances. If you want to complete your course quickly then you should go for the full time option, if, however, you have other commitments for example other work or family then you could be better off going for the part time option, this way you can study at your own pace and in your own time whilst still carrying out your other commitments. Training centres give you the option of working Mondays to Fridays and also weekends and evenings so that everyone has an equal amount of time that they can put into their training.

By going for the part time option you can expect to complete your course in 4 to 8 weeks depending on how much time you can commit to your studies. Those doing the part time option can spread their course over months and sometimes even years it really doesn’t matter as long as you get there in the end. It really all depends on your other commitments and how soon you want to begin your new life as a carpenter.

Your training centre will be fully equipped with everything you could possibly need to complete your training so that there’s less stress and worry for you. Your classrooms will be air conditioned for extra comfort as you train.

Training centres are known to be very hands on they really want you to get to grips with your new chosen trade which is all good news for you after all not everything can be learned from a textbook you have to have the practical experience too. You’ll enter the training centre as a total beginner and will leave an expert. Doesn’t that sound good!

What’s included in my course?

All you’ll ever need to know to get started in your new trade as ac carpenter will be provided in your course, you can use your course as your own springboard to go onto other things, set your sights even higher and really go up the qualifications scale in carpentry. Your course will also help your if you’re thinking of becoming a trainee carpenter or even an apprentice.

Industry organisations agree that you should try and get on a work placement as soon as you begin your training course as this will enable you to rally get to grips with your new career as a carpenter. This way you can put all the theory you have learned in the classroom into practice at your work placement. A work placement will also help you greatly with the practical parts of your Diploma. Your training centre or local college will be able to help you find a work placement.

If you are already working as a carpenter but currently have no qualifications then you could have your skills and knowledge assessed by an assessor who will visit you and watch you working and then at the end you will be give your qualification. Your knowledge and skills will be examined against the current industry standards and the qualifications you get will all depend on how well you do. Again your local college or training centre will be able to help you with this.

What goes on in the classrooms and workshops?

The classroom is where all the theory takes place and it’s here where you’ll learn all about carpentry and where the experts training you will demonstrate how to carry out a job properly. You’ll learn all the underpinning that you could ever need to know and also health and safety regulations that are required to fully understand in the carpentry trade. You must know all the health and safety regulations before you can enter into the workshop.

The workshops is where it all happens this is the place where all that theory and knowledge can finally be put into practice, you will be completing work that carpenters come across in their daily working lives. The workshops are fitted with all the latest mod cons and you’re also provided with a wide range of equipment, tools and materials. All that you need to complete your training is with you at all times so you don’t have to worry about delays with your Training. You’ll have peace of mind knowing all you’ll ever need for your training is under one roof and you don’t need to get any extras yourself.

What’s the cost of a carpentry course?

Carpentry courses are quite expensive they can cost anywhere between £4,000 and £6,000, but what you must think about is that once you qualify you’ll really be reaping the rewards, like I mentioned earlier carpenters are in high demand and so you should never be without work. Think of the expense as an investment in your future as a carpenter, yes you’ll be spending money now but just imagine how much you’ll be earning when you finally do qualify, remember carpenters are on very good money and of course if you’re planning on going self employed then you can charge your own rates. The closer you get to London and the South East will see your wages rocket. So if you happen to be working in this location or even better actually live and work in this location then all I can say is luck you, jackpot here you come! Seriously though carpenters do earn good money and you can be a part of it. You can be doing a job you love and getting rewarded with it. What could be better than that?

What about short intensive courses and long distance courses?

These types of courses are very good indeed and are a great option for those who cannot get to a training centre and require distance learning or for those who want to get trained up quickly via a short intensive course. They are a very good introduction into the carpentry industry but the point to mention here is that some of them just don’t let you really get to grips with the practical sides of your training regarding work placements. You don’t get to fully understand the practical work a carpenter has to deal with everyday. So if you do decide to enrol on a short or long distance course then be careful and make sure enough time is give to work placements so you can really understand all the work a carpenter has to do. Also check that your course is industry recognised for example City & Guilds.

Well that’s it from me, as you can see training to be a carpenter offers very exciting results and you’ll be earning a good wage too. Remember once you qualify there are so many options for you, you can work for a team of carpenters or you can go self employed and of course there’s always the option of working in another country. So let me wish you the best of luck with your training as a carpenter, it really is a worthwhile career and a very rewarding one. Best of luck!