Bricklaying Apprenticeships

bricklaying apprenticeships

If you’re thinking of becoming a bricklayer then good on you as this career will provide you with a good income, job satisfaction, knowing that you have done the best you could have with each of your tasks and also the fact that people need bricklayers, all over the country, they people are crying out for a good bricklayer.

Qualified bricklayers are needed all over the world for their skills not just here in the UK so if you’ve ever fancied travelling once you become qualified you could be living and working in another country for example, Canada, Australia and also New Zealand with many more places in desperate need of your skills. That’s the best thing about a career in the construction industry you’ll always be in high demand for your skills and knowledge.

What I would say is that apprenticeships are probably more suited to those who are just out of school there are age limits which I’ll mention a little later. Becoming an apprentice will mean you’ll be trained up by an expert at their trade and it’s this expert who will guide you and help you every step of your training and they will be passing down all their years worth of knowledge and experience to you so that you too have a good chance of doing well at your own career as a bricklayer.

You’ll be trained up so that you’ll be meeting with the industry standards at that time and you will have peace of mind knowing that you have carried out all of your training and have gained all the skills and knowledge that’s required of you t carry out a job competently and safely.

So please use this time wisely and also enjoy this time too not everyone is lucky enough to be able to train this way so make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

Another added benefit for you is that throughout your training you’ll be meeting with tradesmen, construction workers and suppliers who will get to know you well. In time once your training is over they could potentially end up helping you when you start your own career as a bricklayer. Remember not everyone training to become a bricklayer will get to meet these people and this means a head start for you over everyone else who may be training in different ways for example college courses or training centres.

Your apprenticeship will be divided between theory and practical and the theory will take place at your local college or training centre while the practical sides of things are obviously taken care of at your place of work with your boss out and about carrying out your tasks.

An apprenticeship will usually take 2 and 4 years to complete.

Apprentices earn money as they train!

As you’re being trained up you’ll also be earning. Apprentices are fully entitled to at least the minimum wage which is currently standing at £2.73 per hour. These figures are what you’ll be earning if you’re between the ages of 16 and 18. You’ll also be earning this amount if you’re aged 19 or over and are in your first year of training. Anything above these figures will be determined by who you are working for and any extras they give you.

You’ll be paid for the hours you are working for which for apprentices is at least 30 hours a week and also for training that is part of your apprenticeship this training is usually carried out in the classroom at your training centre or college.

Apprentices have holidays also!

Apprentices are fully entitled to holidays and have at least 20 paid holiday days each year and also bank holidays.

Getting on an apprenticeship scheme!

No formal requirements are needed to get on an apprenticeship scheme but what is needed is your absolute determination to try your hardest, as I said earlier it’s a way of getting into the bricklaying industry that isn’t available to everyone, so if you are accepted then grab it with both hands and go for it!

Remember I mentioned earlier about age limits well here they are, you ideally should be between the ages of 16 and 24, if you are over these ages then you may have to try even harder to get an apprenticeship scheme. Unfortunately there are just a few spaces provided for apprenticeships each year and as you can imagine everyone wanting a career in the construction industry jumps at the chance. There really is fierce competition out there, so like I say there are age limits but it isn’t impossible, you just have to try that much harder.

Another thing to mention is that you must have normal colour vision.

Don’t get too disheartened, yes there are age limits and yes competition is fierce but this doesn’t mean you cannot get on an apprenticeship scheme, try your hardest and you could end up being one of the lucky ones. Try phoning up a couple of known bricklayers in your local area or even ones further from you if you don’t mind travelling and ask them if they are planning on taking any apprentices this year, if they say yes then you’re in with a chance and if they say no then at least you tried. You never know they might know of a bricklayer who is taking on and they will give you their contact details.

I just cannot get accepted, what else can I do?

Like I say it is extremely difficult getting on an apprenticeship scheme that’s way if you do you should make the most of a great opportunity that doesn’t happen for many.

However if you have tried and tried but you just cannot succeed in getting on a apprenticeship scheme don’t get too disheartened as there are many more routes in to the bricklaying industry.

You could try your local college or a training centre for a bricklaying course, both offer good quality training and you’ll be trained up to meet with the current industry standards. Training centres are located all over the UK so I’m sure you’ll find one by you.

So try your best but like I say all isn’t lost there are many routes into the industry, it’s just a matter of discovering which will be best suited to your requirements.

For much more information!

If you would like more info on apprenticeships or how to apply the government has a free “National Apprenticeship Helpline” where you’ll be give lots more info as well as useful tips and advice, Call this number 08000150600

There is also a website available for apprentices and here you’ll be offered more info and the option of receiving an information pack. Visit

That’s it from me on bricklaying apprenticeships I really do hope you’ve learned a little more about them and whether or not it’s a suitable option for you for entering into the bricklaying industry. It’s a great career with good prospects, so I really do hope it happens for you. Good luck with it all!