About Us at Trade Skills Guru

Well, Hello there! And welcome to our website TRADE SKILLS GURU!

Let me begin by explaining what Trade Skills Guru is all about and how we hope it will be of great use to you.

I guess you probably already know that there are lots of highly regarded trades within the construction industry but the trouble is you have to go browsing online trying to find a website that discusses a certain trade and this can take time and effort if you want to browse through a few of them trying to find the one that best suits you.

So I suppose you could say we had a bit of Light Bulb moment and we thought wait a minute why don’t we create a website where we can put lots of different trades under one roof (so to speak) and that’s how we created Trade skills guru, it’s a website that we hope will be your one stop destination for information on how to get involved with different trades within the construction industry.

We have many trades that you’ll find on our website including, bricklaying, carpentry, electricians, painters and decorators, plastering, plumbing, tiling and information regarding gas courses.

When you click on a certain trade we will be discussing apprenticeships for that trade, the courses you can take, training centres and also the qualifications that you’ll require to enter into that particular trade.

You’ll never have to search the internet for specific trades again as they are right here for you to browse through in order to find the right career for you.

So once again thanks for stumbling across our website we really do hope you will enjoy it, take a look around, there’s lots to read and learn about ad hopefully by the time you’re finished you’ll have a good idea as to which trade you want to go for.

Don’t waste any more time dip in and take a look around!

We hope you like what you see.

How can I add my course?

If you are a training provider, and would like to be added to our site please contact us via this page.