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Hello and welcome to our website firstly let me introduce ourselves, we are TRADE SKILLS GURU and our aim is to hopefully provide you with lots of information on different trades within the construction industry.

Trades within the construction industry are in high demand and so when you begin your new career you'll know that you have job security as your chosen trade is very much needed throughout the UK and also the world.

Here at TRADE SKILLS GURU we'll explain in detail all about the different trades within the construction industry and what qualifications you're going to need, we'll also be telling you all about the training centres and the courses they provide and we'll be explaining all about apprenticeships for each of the trades mentioned.

The trades well be discussing include, plumbing, bricklaying, plastering, electrical installations, gas, painting and decorating, carpentry and tiling.
So take a look around and we hope you enjoy your visit!

Finding a Trade Skills Training Centre...

Doesn't it get so frustrating when you know exactly what trade you want to go into but have to search the internet trying to find local colleges or training centres that not only cover the courses you want but are also accredited by a governing body for example City & Guilds and are close to your home.

Well we at TRADE SKILLS GURU have hopefully solved this problem for you. When you browse our website and select the trade you want to go into you'll see that we have provided you with a list of the training centres and local colleges within your chosen location.

What Training & Qualifications you'll need...

We at TRADE SKILLS GURU have done the hard work for you when it comes to finding out exactly what qualifications and training you'll need to enter a certain trade within the construction industry. So when you select the trade of your choice you can be rest assured that they information that you are reading is correct and is fully up to date with the recommended industry standards for that particular trade.

We'll be explaining fully whether or not you'll need any previous experience before you can begin your training and we'll also let you now the level which will best suit your requirements from beginners up to the more experienced, we'll also explain how someone who is already working within the construction industry can improve on their skills and will therefore broaden their portfolio.

So with TRADE SKILLS GURU you have no worries, let us do the researching for you and you can concentrate on beginning your new career.

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Training Providers Get Yourself Listed for Free!

Do you run a training centre that's aimed at the construction industry? Or maybe you're a local college that offers students courses within the construction industry?
If so why not get listed on TRADE SKILLS GURU. We would love you to come and join us get your training centre or local college listed.

As you can see we offer our visitors a great deal of information regarding individual trades within the construction industry. By choosing to add your listing with us you could greatly be improving on your own business success as when someone who is looking for a training centre close to a certain location finds you chances are they are either going to visit your own website or they are going to ring you up. So it really is win win!